A Place to See and Be Seen: The Pen Lobby

Admit it, you would want to see and be seen in The Lobby of one of the best five star hotels in Manila — The Peninsula. Now, it’s not just known for the place where Trillanes et al. sieged after they walked out of their trial and marched the Makati streets, but it is STILL famous for its luscious ice cream desserts and just recently, their Chocolate Symphony Buffet. I know I have yet to indulge in this everything chocolate kind of buffet (but I’m not a fan of chocolates anyway).

After the stand-off, The Lobby has long been renovated. It has this certain warm glow in the afternoon from its tall windows from the sunlight streaming in. It boasts the artwork of famous painters and sculpture in the ceiling.

Last Christmas season, I had the chance to grab a dessert in the hotel with my former colleagues after our lunch reunion in another resto. Oh correction, we didn’t “grab,” we took pleasure in the taste of their ice cream in their dessert menu. Your taste palettes would really enjoy the rocky road or the double dutch embellished with almonds, chocolate chips and miniature brownies… even if you’re not a sweet tooth like me. It’s a good place to catch up with good ol’ friends while experiencing the delectable treats, especially if you come in after lunch, when it is quiet and there’s not much people — well, unless you’re the type who would really want to BE SEEN when you’re there. ;)

I’m not sure how pricey this must have been (I wasn’t the one who paid the bill) but once in a while, I know I should give myself a treat like this one. Mmmmm…


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