High Time Rollers at Tagaytay Highlands

One of the signs that you know “you’ve arrived” is if you own a property in Tagaytay Highlands, or you have a share in one of the clubs there. Luxury living in the Tagaytay Ridge, amidst the cool breeze, it’s definitely one of the quickest escape from the metro.

I for sure am not an “RK” (Rick Kid), but I do have several high time roller companions who’ve brought me there in different occasions. One instance is when I joined a photo shoot in Tagaytay with my friend who encouraged me on getting a Nikon DSLR, who then introduced me to the applei photo enthusiasts in which one of them is a club member.

One of our destinations was in the Highlands Country Club. It’s complete with amenities for sports and recreation, restaurant facilities with international cuisine, spa, pool and jacuzzi. Of course our purpose there was not to try allthe works but to shoot and practice what we got. It’s a good travel photog destination, just gotta keep a good eye on what you see around.

It’s where you can lie down and waste time.

It’s where you can have a good quiet conversation with a friend.

Tagaytay Highlands is where an idea can spark and start your whole travel photography passion thing. :)

Tagaytay Highlands
Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
+ 63 (046) 483-0888 or 413-3808

For club chares / properties inquiries:
Belle Corporation
Sales and Marketing Offices
20th Floor, East Tower
Philippine Stock Exchange Centre
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Philippines
+ 63 (02) 635-3016 to 20


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