New Things To Do in Boracay

Everyone just has to book a flight to Boracay at any point of the year. Whether it’s summer or Christmas, or any long weekend, for sure, beach nomads will plan something in that beach. Cross fingers, hope it just won’t rain so you can get a great tan.
Why does everyone feel like it’s a must to back there where it’s always the same fine white sand, crystal blue waters, orange sunset, colorful boats, same beach party scene? ‘Cause there’s always something new to do there each time you back. Here are some things you could try on your next trip:
1. Organize a retreat in Bora. And why not? Even if there are temptations all around, I think it’s the ultimate place where you’d be able to test and practice your self-control. Haha! Kidding aside, it’s the best place to wake up early each morning, walk by the beach, lay your sarong, grab your Bible, reflect on your life and pray. You’ll realize it’s good to be alive and God’s been so good.

2. Get a caffeine fix in Starbucks Boracay. When I first saw this, I was like, “What? There’s Starbucks here? Kulang nalang McDo.” In fairness, they remembered all the coffee addicts who flocked to this beach and all the party people who want to get sober after getting drunk. Besides, it’s an alternative to the Jonah’s fruit shake – a cold mocha frapuccino instead while chillaxing and having a good conversation with friends or even while sunbathing.

3. Get a bird’s eye view of the beach while parasailing. That is, if you aren’t afraid of heights and if you aren’t afraid of the thought that a knot is just holding you. Plus, you get to party like a rockstar while in the “yacht” (they have nice sounds when we were waiting for our turn). Peak rates during summer? Php 2500 for 10 mins. Non-peak? We were able to negotiate up to Php 800.

4. Ride the Zorb ball! It’s crazy! You roll down a hill inside a giant plastic ball for a good 30 seconds. There are two kinds of Zorbs you can try: First is the Harness ride where they strap you in the sides of the ball and you roll head over heels (your head will spin, I tell you). The other is the Hydro where they add water inside the ball, then you ride down the hill (you’ll laugh ‘til you cry). Prices range from Php 300-580 per person and is located in Yapak. You can rent a tricycle going there.

5. Go hotel hopping with friends. Didn’t book in Station One five-star hotels? You can always hang out there at least. Order a cold drink in Two Seasons. Go around and “canvass” in Boracay Regency or Discovery Shores. You can say you stayed there… in pictures, at least. ;)

6. Meet new friends. Who knows you might finally meet your Mr. or Ms. Right. But you can always settle first with Mr. Cute Pet. Then sparks fly. J

7. Play with fire with fire dance people. Kids, don’t try this at home. But even if you don’t have the “fire twirling”, “fire spinning” skills, it’s always nice to watch the experts’ performance while sipping a cold mojito in the couch by the beach at night.

8. Paraw sailing towards the sunset. Aaahh… How romantic. Just play it by ear though. It’s not safe to do so especially if it’s windy.

9. Jumpshot as always and other crazy ideas. Your Boracay trip isn’t complete without The Jumpshot (then posting it to your profile). It’s like telling the whole world, “Yey! I’m in Bora!”, “Yey! I got a tan!”, “Yey! I just got engaged!” Then you could always try other silly shots by the beach.

10. Take amazing photos of the sunset. I think I have this obsession about sunsets already and I never get tired of it. It’s just the most beautiful thing God created. After a much-hypedManila Bay sunset, you should always get a glimpse (and a shot) of the orange-filled dusk sky of Boracay.

Sweet sailing in Boracay, world!

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