Standing Tall: Zone Five Camera Club’s Year-end Photo Exhibit

It’s our camera club’s last photo exhibit for the year and you gotta check out our larger-than-life photos!

Here’s a write-up from our 2010 President, Jorem Catilo:
The Zone Five Camera Club has chosen to go vertical for their much anticipated year end exhibit. Of late, the club has gone with more conceptual approaches to their exhibitions rather than a traditional theme driven style. This allows the photographers of the club to select their own subjects while keeping a common thread in their exhibits.
In the past, some of the concepts have been: “In Your Face”, a set of images shot in macro mode but more abstract in nature ; “Two Colors” where the artist could have anything in an image as long as it was limited to two different colors; “Zone Five Sees Red” where the entire image was in black and white except for one element which had to be in red; and of course “Wide” and “Wide Too” where the club showed their talent for seeing beyond the limits of the camera viewfinder.
The title of The Zone Five Camera Club’s exhibit this year is “Zone Five Standing Tall“. This time the panoramas exhibited take on a new perspective as the club points their lenses up, down and forward. Once again the club reveals a different view of the world around as the viewer’s eye is gently led to beyond what is at eye level. The idea is show the world on a vertical approach, lined up neatly.
The club has chosen to present an exhibit of panoramas but staying with their philosophy of doing things unconventionally, they are going in another direction. Some of the images presented may cause the audience to feel small. Other images give a feeling of depth drawing the spectator inside the scene being presented. Either way, the viewer’s eyes are drawn up and down or vice versa as the photographers of the Zone Five Camera Club once again give a different perspective of their passion for photography.
The Zone Five Camera Club celebrates 32 years of ground breaking photography with this exhibition. Please join them as they look down, up, and ever onward anticipating many more years of great photography. “Standing Tall” at the SM Mall of Asia runs from November 28 to December 12, 2010.

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