On Pre-Nups and Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

I wish I had more friend couples who would get married soon so I can shoot their pre-nups! Haha. Lately I’ve discovered that I actually love doing pre-wedding shoots. Cheeeeezy it may seem, it’s always been a fun experience for me (well, especially if the couple IS fun).
Oh what to do, what to do? That was my first reaction when I learned I was doing a pre-nup shoot of my friends. Why should it all come from me? I learned in the process that pre-wedding photography is always a team effort. It’s not just the photographer doing all the work. Who and what is involved in this session (or series of sessions)?
1. First, the concept or theme should come from the COUPLE. (or normally, it comes from the bride) Different couples have different tastes (and trips). Some may be really cheesy, utterly romantic, boring stiff, or sometimes outlandish… But learn to adjust to their wants and personalities. It’s not YOU who’s getting married anyway. Do not impose your own idea. Just give your inputs on how it can improve and come out beautifully.

2. Then there’s the videographer. Usually, there’s also a pre-wedding video that the couple may want to include. The video can be done same time with the shoot or separately.
3. Make a story board. What are your image pegs? Again, this may come from the bride, but as the photographer, you have to think of an innovative way in delivering those pegs.

4. Becoming a stylist. At some point, you may also have to be the stylist of the couple. Bring props, costumes, make-up, so that everything will be cohesive to the theme. This will also have to be decided depending on your agreement with the couple.

5. Build a relationship with the couple. It would be a breeze if you know the couple pretty well. You’d learn how to adjust and bring out the best of looove in them. :)

So who’s getting married next? :)

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