Shooting Kiddie Parties :)

I’m not exactly an expert especially on shooting kids but I had a chance to shoot a kiddie party last December. I knew it was not going to be easy but it gave me me a whole different energy, color, and add to that, endurance, in keeping up the “chaos” of the kids.

Here’s what I learned:
1. Do know the plan of the party from the parents. What the theme is, where the venue is, how many guests, what are the activities. This is so you are prepared and you’d know what to expected. (Like you know if you need to bring a bounce flash if it’s going to be indoor). You also wouldn’t want to miss important parts if you know how the “show” is going to be run.
2. Don’t forget to shoot the important moments. And these are: guests arriving, details of the party (cake, food, balloons, gifts, venue), blowing of the candles, a picture of the celebrant with other kids, with siblings, with both PARENTS, with mom, with dad, guests, games. Hardest part is if you forget one of them after the party’s over.
(Birthday celebrant whispering his birthday wish to his mom)
3. Don’t miss shooting adults (or kids interacting with adults, vice versa).

4. Do get an eye-level of children when shooting. And it literally means getting down low, kneeling, even getting your pants dirty when shooting children. It would give you a child’s perspective rather than the usual adult perspective in a standing position.

5. Do get candid shots. It’s actually even harder if you ask young kids to pose for you especially if they’re all busy playing around.

6. Do shoot in continuous mode, if needed. Especially on those action shots during games.

7. Don’t forget to ask permission if you can take photos of the guests (or post photos of the celebrant in the web).
And lastly, have fun! And feel like a kid all over again… :)
*Thanks to Barbara Ambrosio for giving me permission to shoot and post these photos.

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