I want to be featured in Lonely Planet someday.

I love Lonely Planet and its amazing travel community!

They’ve recently compiled their first eBook with content from 40 travel bloggers around the world who’ve shared their thoughts, ideas, and experiences from their different adventures.

Says Vivek Wagle, Lonely Planet author, “…(It) explores our beautiful world from street level through the eyes of travel bloggers. This eclectic group, whose tales range across voluntourism, family travel, expat life, long term backpacking and more, was born out of Lonely Planet’s effort to broaden its content. Lonely Planet wanted to shine a light on the very best travel writing and photography on the planet.

And guess what? Two Filipinas were part of this cool project! How fancy is that?!

Visit this link and download for FREE this e-Book: Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet bloggers.

Nina Fuentes of Justwandering.org
Claire Marie Algarme of firsttimetravels.com
I hope in their next compilation, I could be a part of it. ;)

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