Wedding bells a’ringin’!

As June brides walk down the aisle for this “wedding month” of June, I’m sure wedding coordinators, photographers, caterers, singers, flower arrangers, and wedding venues are all fully-booked serving their respective clients. Though June is the most popular wedding month, I personally haven’t attended a wedding on June. I’ve gone to weddings on a December (another peak month for weddings), summer, even on the rainy months of September and October. But regardless of the month, weddings will always be a special occasion for me. You could say that I’ve always been the bridesmaid but not the bride, even so, I’m giddy preparing and participating in a friend’s wedding. It also makes me daydream on how my own wedding will be… ;)

One of the most memorable for me so far were the last two where I was one of the back-up photographers. What’s more, they are destination weddings of two of my good friends.

Cai and Nowell: A Beautiful Wedding in Boracay

On the wedding day itself, my friends and I woke up that morning seeing dark clouds hovering over us. You know how unpredictable the weather can be in the month of September. Being lovers of the clear warm waters of Boracay, we went swimming in the beach and in a little while, it started pouring!

It went on for about 15 to 30 minutes. And just like that, there was like a spotlight over us. Heaven started opening up and the skies cleared up. It was a beautiful day indeed!

Some of us can’t get over swimming. We just love the waters! By noontime, we saw the main photographer taking photos of Cai’s wedding dress in front of Discovery Shores. I took my own camera and started taking shots as well…

WOW!!! Who would’ve thought that was just created in less than a week?!

By 4:30 pm, people started coming in, removing their sandals, taking pictures, anticipating for the ceremony. After several minutes, Cai finally walked down the aisle.

Just seeing her made me teary-eyed… (To think that she was still sick the night before…) God makes all things beautiful in His time. :)

I witnessed a simple yet beautiful wedding, with the Boracay sunset as its backdrop. :)

Kristine and Tim: A Wedding Made in Singapore

I had the privilege of shooting Kristine while she was preparing for her wedding. I was in her Hilton hotel room at a little past 12 noon and it was my first time to commute to Orchard Rd. in Singapore. (Tim was in a different venue, I couldn’t take pictures of him).

I also got to ride her *huge* Chrysler bridal car in the passenger seat. “Libs, kinakabahan talaga ako (I’m really nervous),” she told me. “Ano ka ba, ‘wag ka nerbyosin! (Don’t be nervous!)” I said while I was shooting her. She thought that something could happen in her wedding like those you watch in America’s Funniest Videos. So that’s how a bride feels like… :P

By 5:00pm (or so, I lost track of time), the wedding ceremony started in St. Theresa and I heard one of the most sincerest vows. I got teary-eyed actually but I had to continue to capture those moments in camera.

After church, we got back to Hilton immediately, this time for the tea ceremony. I appreciate this special moment because their family and loved ones were personally saying their well-wishes and bilins to the couple as they ceremonially drank tea.

Reception came, we were then in the Hilton rooftop (nice view of the city outside!). I was so looking forward to the Chinese menu! They danced, they sang (Cruisin’! — That’s our fave videoke duet song!), they did their speech. I’m so happy for my friend Kristine. She’s blessed with good siblings and a loving father, and now, she has very wonderful in-laws. And the best part is, she has Tim.

What makes these weddings special is not just the location or whatever bells and whistles it has. It’s the sincerity and the promise it brings that day and everyday. Everything is worth the wait. :)


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