Where I got the best photos… :)

I recently contributed a Trip Report in Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree and I was asked by one of those who replied where I got the best photos from my recent backpacking trip.

Well, I took HUNDREDS of them and I’m consolidating my favorite ones here. I’m so glad I brought my wide-angle lens (for my Nikon camera) with me on the trip. You know how I love taking travel photos! With a lot of picture perfect moments, I can never go wrong with a wide-angle lens. The world looks so much bigger.

In Siem Reap, Cambodia:

The ancient halls inside Angkor Wat.
Intricate designs of the temple.
I wonder when these scattered stones were here.
The reflection of sunrise in the pond.
Lazing in the green fields of Prasat Kravan.

You can rent a canoe to explore Angkor.
Getting lost inside Bayon.
Get tangled with nature in Ta Phrom.

Climb on top of Phnom Bakeng to get an aerial view of Angkor.
And now, in Ayutthaya, Thailand:
Biking around the wats and exploring the city.
The 3-bell shaped chedi in Wat Phra Si Sanhet.

See crumbling structures around…
The beaches in Phuket, Thailand!:
The long-tail boats in Ko Phi Phi Don Island.
Fall in love with the color paintings in the sky during sunset in Phromthep Cape.
Hope you enjoyed some of them. From your traveling shutterbug, Libby. ;)

2 thoughts on “Where I got the best photos… :)

  1. Oh pretty photos~ (And we have the same travelling havaianas too) Reading your posts (here and in lonely planet) made me reminisce of our recent 7-day, 3 countries Banana Pancake too. Then there's always the feeling that you'd want to go back for more. Talk about hangover. :)

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