Please vote for Puerto Princesa Underground River to be part of the New 7 Wonders

I was in Puerto Princesa, Palawan for my birthday back in 2009 and got to hop on a bangka (a small boat) to navigate the Subterranean River. From afar, the huge limestone mountains landscape can already be seen. We were led to the mouth of cave which has a clear lagoon where the journey through the world’s longest underground river began. Though travelers are not allowed to navigate the entire river (because it IS long), we’ve seen a great share of stalactites and stalagmites formations inside the cave chambers. It is indeed a wonder!

Now that our Department of Tourism is in full swing promoting this to be part of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, I’m also doing my part in campaigning for this. Here’s some of my photos so hopefully you’ll believe it deserves to be included in the wonders of nature. ;)

Puerto Princesa Underground River was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in December 4, 1999.

The rest of Puerto Princesa, Palawan is lovely. What I loved about it: fresh air, total log ban, no cigarette butts everywhere, friendly people, funny tourist guides, fresh and affordable seafood and exotic food (I ate Tamilok – a wood worm!), the white beaches, surprise visits of dolphins in the bay, the blue sky, perfect weather, the surrounding mountain ridges, of course the next New Wonder: The Underground River.

Vote in New 7 Wonder’s website or vote via SMS: text PPUR, PPUR7, or PPUR15 to signify your number of votes them send to 2861 (for all networks in the Philippines). If you’re voting from another country, you can vote via SMS by typing PPUR then send to the following: For Canada (77077), Australia (19788555), UAE (3888), South Korea (001-1588-7715), South Africa (34874), Poland (write PUERTO and send to 7155), Taiwan (write N7W PPUR and send to 55123).We only have until midnight of November 10,2011. Thanks for your support! :)


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