The Things I Take for Granted (my post-birthday post)

Back at the start of 2011, I had a word that would describe what I was expecting 2011 would be: UNCONTAINABLE.

The power of words. Indeed, it IS.

As this year’s chapter draws to a close and as I become nostalgic again celebrating my birthday, I’m awestruck by how God has been moving in my life this 2011. But before that, I have to be honest that I have been bothered lately by the littlest things… If should get an iPad 2, when I could get my camera upgrade, being hassled with commuting, my unpaid credit card bills… Ugh, I realize that these concerns are just so minor!

I’m reminded by God’s goodness again when I heard Jessica Cox‘s testimony yesterday morning. She’s a single engine pilot, taekwondo black belter, pianist, motivational speaker (among other things) with NO ARMS!

Here’s a feature of her in Ellen’s Show:

Having seen that, I’m no longer going to enumerate God’s blessings to me this past year. I believe it is personal and I guess you’ve witnessed it in some of my posts (and I don’t want to appear “showing off” to anyone). Instead, I’m going to be thankful for the simplest things I’m able to do which I’ve been taking for granted all this time…

– Being able to sip my cup of coffee in the morning
– Clothe myself in my favorite dresses and accessories with my two arms
– Type my travel blog entries in my laptop
– Hold my camera and take photos
– Use my QWERTY phone to email / text my friends with my two hands
– Use utensils to go on a food trip
– Brush and dry my short hair
– Do channel surfing with the remote
– Get lost in a book and flip its pages
– Prepare and design my powerpoint decks

I could go on and on…

…So you think you’ve got a big problem? Think again! :)


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