What are you thankful for? (A Thanksgiving celebration post.)

“Girls, let’s do a thanksgiving celebration… prepare a list of things you’re thankful for.” I received this text from my friend Cai.

“Sure, will do. When are we doing this? On our Christmas celebration?” I replied back.

“No, Thanksgiving nga. Around November 24,” she replied.

“Ohhh… THAT Thanksgiving! Game!” I texted, laughing at myself for not getting that one right away.

For some reason, the Thanksgiving holiday is not normally celebrated in the Philippines. We put more emphasis and importance to Christmas than this one, well probably since we don’t share the history of its origins with US or Canada. Anyhow, though we don’t have a specific day for this, we Filipinos do thanksgiving celebrations at any given day or time of the year especially whenever we have a special event we want to be thankful for, like graduation, passing a board exam, buying or moving in to a new house, a promotion, etc. (Oh, not to mention our hundreds of local festivals celebrating a good harvest and all that).

Here’s Some of our Thanksgiving List

It’s true that we are to be thankful everyday. But it’s a different feeling, I realized, when my close friends and I have gathered together over dinner to give thanks for our blessings. It was so encouraging to hear all the things my friends were grateful for this year. It simply reminded me how great our God is in our lives in the past eleven months:

… One of my friends was thankful for her getting engaged this year and for the safety and protection they as a couple experienced in Japan during the earthquake and tsunami.

… One was grateful for her being assigned in the US for work. It helped her moved on with things or with someone.

… One of them is happy about how things are going on with her career and MBA studies (plus her high grades) and didn’t forget to be content even with the simplest things, like having free lunch outs.

… A guy friend is delighted with the video projects that he has received and is currently working on as well as his budding friendship with this certain girl.

… And speaking of projects, one of my friends has also been getting more make-up gigs and is finally doing what she loves. What’s good is that she has a loving husband to support her in all that she does.

… To reciprocate, another friend is appreciative of her beautiful wife and all the provisions that they have as a new couple: a condo, paid appliances, and other blessings.

… Another one was ecstatic about their Japan visa being approved and that they’ll be celebrating their Christmas there. Even better is her good health so she can enjoy this altogether.

… One friend is thankful for her restored relationships, realizations and the dream God has placed in her heart. She’s elated to pursue this and will take it one day at a time.

… And lastly, one of us is thrilled about finding fulfillment in her work, being able to finally manage her finances and starting to diversify her portfolio, and for being able to fund her trips locally and abroad.

Time to List Down Your Own

What are YOU thankful for? Share your gratitude with your friends and family. Say why you’re also thankful for one another. Be amazed by God’s faithfulness and how he has moved in your lives this year. :)

PS. No turkey was harmed in our own Thanksgiving dinner. :)

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