In The Process of Dreamboarding for 2012…

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Spring cleaning in my desk in the office–check! “Boxing day” of my old stuff from my closet and my room–check! Deleting my hundreds of emails in my inbox–check! Planning my financial budget and opening additional bank and trading accounts for the new year–check! “Dreamboarding” for 2012–that’s next!

It’s the last week of the last month of the year… Hurrah!!! :) Above were just some of the things that’s been keeping me busy this last week. Year-end season has always been exciting for me. I’ve made this annual tradition for myself of making that list of “accomplishments” for the past year as well as “faith goals” for the coming year. I just learned that the term for the latter is called “dreamboarding” — a creative way to visualize what you want to happen in your life by crafting a collage of images that resonate with you, to symbolize your goals, priorities, and motivations.

How I Dreamed This Year Would Be

Here’s what I did last December 2010, my dreamboard for 2011. My theme was: UNCONTAINABLE 2011.

This has become my wallpaper in my PC at home and posted in desk. And it did inspire to take charge of my 2011. As you can see, most of the images portray travel, places, and photography. Others are about the most essential: having a closer relationship with God and true friends; while there are two images that also show my desire of getting a condo in Newport and a car.

I’ve declared back in the beginning of the year that 2011 is going to be uncontainable. And boy, I was in for a ride! It took me to new heights, to places I’ve never been before, and to things I’ve never done before. This blog is just one of the testimonies to it. I may not have obtained those material things yet (they’re just MATERIAL things anyway), but I must say I’ve definitely become rich with new insights and experiences. :)

But wait, there’s more!

Wait ’til you see 2012. Though I’m still in the process of creating my dreamboard for 2012 (I’ll post it as soon as it’s done), I believe it’s going to be more awesome! Watch out, 2012, I’ve been waiting for ya!

* * *

Just a plug: Writer’s Block Philippines is having a Dreamboarding workshop on January 10, 2012 (Tuesday), 6:00-9:00pm in Quantum Café, Makati City. Instead of making the typical list of new year’s resolutions, why don’t you do you own dreamboard instead? More details of the session here.


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