The Longest Way…

I came across this guy who traveled from China to Germany just by walking, back in 2007. He called this project “The Longest Way“–as it is the longest way from a daydream to a dream.

Based on his blog, he did walk about one third of the initial way, from the first day (of his 26th birthday) until the downfall about a year later. Then he stopped. He got a haircut and shaved off his beard, and took a plane home.
Then he came up with a new plan: go back to university, get a degree, didn’t think about walking for a while. (Check his plan here).
His name is Christoph Rehage. He got numerous awards from film festivals across the globe and his video has been going viral since 2009. Here’s his travel from Nov. 9, 2007 to Nov.13, 2008, on foot, 4646km through China, unlimited beard and hair growth, condensed to a 5-minute video.
It doesn’t matter what dream you choose to follow, as long as you have one. Go follow your dream, and laugh while you’re doing it! –Christoph Rehage

One thought on “The Longest Way…

  1. Hi Libby! I am one of your readers but was not able to follow your blogs lately.
    I thirst for this kind of story and yours, as a traveler. I would love to do a trip on my own but too hesitant..actually afraid what might happen. Not to blab about where I’ve been, but to feel some peace of mind. Any tips for a person like me, who wants to travel solo but reluctant to even try.

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