2012 is Going to be Legendary and Full of Breakthroughs!

The ancient Mayans have foretold it.

Nostradamus has predicted it.

The Carpenters sang and asked, “Don’t they know it’s the end of the world… it ended when you said good bye?”

Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj told us to party like it’s going to happen.

Not intending to sound apocalyptic, if you knew that this is going to be your last year, how would you live differently? What would you change?

Whether or not you believe that 2012 will be end of the world, I believe it’s time to live it as if it were your last. You have to make everything you do count. Be more authentic and more deliberate about how you spend your time. There’s no turning back.

Here’s my own prediction or declaration for 2012. It is going to be legendary. Unless you believe in those doomsday theories, everyone else I know have that glimmer of hope and anticipation that the coming year is going to be more awesome and full of BREAKTHROUGHS. I believe it and I claim it so too, in each area of my life.

Below is how I’ve envisioned my 2012 would be. I’m saying it in pictures that I’m going to experience life to the full this year. :)

Dreamboard: Legendary 2012 by Libby Malibiran :)

I believe only God knows when the world will end. For our part, let’s live a no-regrets life and make the most out of every moment this 2012… Cheers!!! :)

* * *

Live Passionately… living each day as if it were your last.
Love Completely… showing others love that transcends and transforms.
Learn Humbly… growing through your problems and pain.
Leave Boldly… creating a legacy that will impact generations.”
–From One Month to Live book
by Kerry and Chris Shook


2 thoughts on “2012 is Going to be Legendary and Full of Breakthroughs!

  1. hey libby! There’s a 3 day mid year prayer & fasting in Victory on July 3-5. It’s like thanking God for the past 6 months and praying for exciting 6 months to come. They have worship night every 7pm. :)

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