"I’m not a tourist."

“I’m not a tourist.”

“I don’t wear socks with sandals.”

“My adventure doesn’t stick to a schedule.”

“I stand where empires rose, fell, and rose again.”

“I travel for the little details.” 

“You’ll never know if you like something until you try.”

Here’s my blog’s video for the day featuring G Adventures’ ad campaign. It’s my sentiments exactly on how I want to travel. :)

Earth from G Adventures on Vimeo.

* * *

G Adventures organizes travels and adventures to all four corners of the world (and everywhere in between).  Their trips embrace authentic accommodation and local transportation to bring you face to face with the world’s most fascinating cultures, customs and awe-inspiring wildlife. You don’t merely see the world; you meet it, shake hands with it and get to know it on a first-name basis.

From their site: You’llNeverForgetIt.com, they’re currently holding a contest where in you can send creative submissions featuring your own ‘unforgettable moment’—a time when you broke out of the typical tourist ‘bubble’ and made a real connection with the world at its boldest, brightest and most beautiful. If you’re chosen, you’ll be one of three winners to embark on an unforgettable trip to one of the hundreds of destinations served by G Adventures. You’ll be joined by a videographer and photographer who will chronicle your adventure which will be featured in print and online as part of the next G Adventures campaign. They’re accepting entries until December 31, 2011! I have to think, think, think now! :)


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