My Awesome Planner for 2012.

I’ve long quit collecting stickers for the Starbucks 2012 planner (and collecting calories from their toffee nut latte frappuccino). I’ve decided I won’t join the bandwagon and get pressured buying coffee just to have this planner–which almost everybody else has. ;)

But… I got this really Awesome Planner which I think suits me! It’s designed for the foodie and travel lover. Thanks to Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet who came up with this planner. :)

(Photo from Anton Diaz.)
Cover of the Awesome Planner 2012.
Suggested travels perfect for each month.
The monthly calendar which contains the 2012 Philippine holidays,
festivals, fiestas, and other events. It also has weekly pages.
(Photo from Anton Diaz.)
One of my favorite sections. The travel vision board, where you
can post your dream destinations for the year.
The vision board. (Photo from Anton Diaz.)
The planner also features different road trip destinations for each month and also a directory of 100 go-to restaurants. I’m already looking forward to filling this up throughout 2012… :)
For more details of the Awesome Planner and how to order, check out

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