It’s More Fun the Philippines (The Traveling Havaianas version)

The moment I read in the tweets and heard the buzz going around the latest Department of Tourism campaign, It’s More Fun in the Philippines, it got me really excited because I KNOW for myself why it is so. It’s something I could relate to.

As what Atty. Ted Te in his commentary said, Ask any Filipino who has ever stayed away from the Philippines involuntarily.  Ask them why they choose to look for Filipinos when they get to whichever part of the world they are in;  why there are community gatherings;  why there is always the inevitable search for the Filipino store.  Ask why we choose to carve out a small patch of PH anywhere we find ourselves in.  Because it IS more fun in the Philippines.”

I’d like to thank the DOT for jumpstarting this open invitation to all to find out why the Philippines is more fun. For reminding us that despite its eccentricities, we have a country to be proud of. For igniting once again, unity, to have one spirit, one soul, and for striking a chord in us that this place, where we are born, makes us truly alive.

I have my own share It’s More Fun the Philippines memes. I encourage you to make your own. HAVE FUN! :)


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