Post-wedding thoughts :)

There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding. I was “interviewing” the bride, my kaladkarin buddy, my partner-in-crime (?), my good friend since college Kirsteen on her post-wedding thoughts earlier this lunch. We were reviewing what transpired in their wedding, how some things have been screwed up by suppliers and didn’t turn out the way it was planned.

First, there was the bouquets of bridesmaids and bride mix-up. Then, there was supposed to be an arch in the garden before the aisle. Then several guests not showing up. The chairs not being enough in the ceremony. The pastor unable to pronounce the bride’s name properly. The projector screen too small for the huge reception area. Those kind of stuff.

ANYHOW. As one of the guests, I didn’t even notice those missing details. I didn’t even mind. I loved the way the old Intramuros walls played part of the backdrop of the wedding venue. I loved how the bouquets fit with our plum bridesmaid dresses. I loved the breezy relaxing weather that afternoon. I loved how the sun set and painted orange and purple skies.  How it turned out to be an intimate wedding. I loved the exchanges of sincere vows.

So if things come out the way it wasn’t supposed to… Keep calm and carry on. Everything will just be a daze and be over in one night. No matter how cliche it is, what matters is the LIFETIME of being together which starts after.

That’s also a note to self, I guess. :)


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