Getting inspiration from a female solo traveler

I had a pending post in my drafts which I haven’t been able to finish. I’ve been wanting to blog about solo travelling. But since I haven’t done that myself (well, I do travel alone during my business trips but that doesn’t count), I got some tips from a female solo traveller who I recently met.

I met Dioanne, 30 years old, in one of my trips to Davao, Philippines through Couchsurfing. She’s from Palawan and was on travel coming all the way from Banaue Rice Terraces. We decided to meet up on a Friday night and had some drinks together with JayAnn, a local Couchsurfer from Davao as well. The following day, Saturday, before I went back to Manila, we got up really early and met up with Marcial in Samal Island by sunrise. With the two of us riding at the back of his motorcycle, wind blowing in our faces, it was one quick great adventure reaching Hagumit Falls in the island.

Here are some bits and pieces of my conversation with her.

Libby: Do you prefer travelling alone and why do you go on a solo travel?
Dioanne: Yes. Because I can be spontaneous which for me is the very heart of traveling. I can change my mind anytime I want without consulting with anyone.

L: How often do you go on a solo travel?
D: Maybe 6 times a year.

L: Which place is the most memorable for you when you went on a solo travel? Why?
D: Kota Kinabalu. I planned to go to Penang, but I realized how big Borneo is so I stayed in the Borneo part and went as far as Sandakan in the East Coast. Though I have tickets in the peninsular Malaysia, I just missed all my flights and just enjoyed the trails of Mt. Kinabalu.

What makes it memorable is the spontaneity that comes with missing the flights and living in the now. Whatever felt good and wherever the wind took me, I went there. No plans, no itineraries, no rules.

L: What is your most unforgettable moment when you travelled solo?
D: Partying with Couchsurfers on Pub Street in Siem Reap for New Year’s Eve… There I was, partying, with people I just met for the first time but having loads of fun!

L: Who is the most memorable person you met when you travelled solo? Why?
D: Well, no one is worth forgetting. Each and every travel, I always meet very special people with the good memories comes the good people I met.

L: What is an unfortunate event you encountered when you traveled alone, if there’s any? What happened?
D: Hmmm… Climbing Batad (Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao province) without breakfast… I just collapsed when I reached the peak… But thanks to the people I traveled with, they know first aid and so I regained my consciousness…

L: What are the safety precautions you need to take when you travel alone?
D: Vitamins, u can’t afford to get sick. Bring Betadine and band aid. Listen to your guts… you will know who to trust if you’re talking to a stranger and suddenly money is involved… Walk away.

L: Why should I not be afraid to go on a solo travel?
D: The world is still full of good people… Traveling can actually make you believe in humanity once again. Just go out there and enjoy every moment!

* * *

Her answers make solo traveling seem so easy and of course, exciting! It’s definitely on my bucket list. :) Someday, soon. . .


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