Race Report: BDO Race for Life

The BDO ‘Race for Life’ was held last March 25, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds in coordination with BDO Foundation for the funding of housing projects for Sendong victims. The event featured 3K, 5K, 10K, and 15K runs, and presented medals to all top finishers.

Shooting BDO Race for Life

No, I wasn’t one of the participants, though I felt like I was, too. I was honored to officially shoot the race for Tri ‘N Motion, the organizers of the race. I was already at the assembly area by 5:00am as the gun start for 15K was scheduled at 5:30am. I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t rain on the race day as it was raining hard the previous night. Looking at the enthusiastic runners donned in their yellow singlets combined with the ideal cool temperature that Sunday morning, I felt that this was going to be a good day.

With the energy high, the 15K runners went off as soon as the gun start was shot at 6:00am, 30 minutes behind the original schedule. It was 10K’s turn at 6:10am, then 5K and 3K.

As I shot the runners, I could see that they were really having fun, some were downright serious, some were on an easy pace, and others were walking lightly. It was a pretty fast course; before I know it, I could already hear the deep exhales, marshalls’ signaling, and runners coming by as they were about to complete the marathon, on to the finish line.

At the finish line

As a reward, finisher’s t-shirts await everyone who crossed the finish line and medals for top 50 runners for 3K and 5K categories and for top 100 runners for 10K and 15K categories. Not to mention the other freebies included in the race kits are items from the sponsors.

With the event’s highlights, the race had also had its lowlights, which is typical in run marathons. Despite a couple of glitches, the runners were able a big help for Sendong victims to rebuild their homes and in turn, to rebuild their lives.

Coach Moi Yamoyam of Tri N’ Motion: His thoughts

Meanwhile, I was able to interview the head of Tri N’ Motion, Coach Moi Yamoyam, on his experience and learnings in organizing the race.

Libby: How was your experience in organizing this year’s race?
Coach Moi: I learned so much on that race. Not to mention that was a different battle ground for me but it provided me an opportunity to showcase what I can offer. I would like to thank the Team from BDO, they worked so hard together with my team in order that we can deliver well. It was a good race but good is not enough and will do it better next time. So much to learn, so much to improve.

Libby: What were your memorable moments in the race?
Coach Moi:
These are the things that money can’t buy. I met people in different walks of life. Sometimes you might be able to learn from their stories and even their personal life. They will also tell you why is he/she joining. So many reasons that you can think of, you can’t even count it with your fingers. But their stories made this event probably different from the rest. There are positive comments that keep us moving, there are also negative comments that keep us improving.

Setting up the whole event area and preparing all needed equipment, personnel, etc. was very fulfilling for me ( “mahirap pero masarap“). It’s like living with a purpose. I might be a bit emotional but its true. You have to be passionate on certain things and someday you will excel, I always believe that! But expect with difficulties and frustrations along the way, as most people say “to be excellent in what you are doing involves at lot of failures in the process.”

Libby: What were the things that you would improve on in the next run events?
Coach Moi: We had a bit of challenge on our pre & during event information that aggravated to some point and we had difficulty handling it. Also during the race there were some miscommunication which are not favorable to both organizers and participants. Will keep on improving to deliver options for runners in the future.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined the race and that you are able to change lives by just doing what you love to do. At the same time I would like to thank my team, especially (The Philippine Dragon Boat National Team – Men and Women) for being part of my group, the team from Laguna, you know who who you are. Thank you guys, you made an excellent job.
I’m thanking also BDO Foundation and the Human Resource Department for giving me this opportunity because I was able to extend help to the Sendong Victims in Cagayan de Oro by organizing this year race. That was the main goal for this event and that was ACHIEVED.

* * *

Just keep running!

There is no perfect race but at the end of the day, people keep running for at least one good reason—their heart, their health, their adrenaline, and their passion tell them to do so. That little voice at the back of their heads pushes them to move forward and strive to improve.


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