A try at pet photography…

Pet photography is not my niche per se, but I’m not closing my doors on this subject. :)

So one morning, I decided to practice on our own mini-dachschunds, Lexi (11 weeks) and RiRi (2 years old). RiRi is the mother and Lexi is her son. I took them out in the garden where there was available natural light. I got my butt dirty right away as I sat on the grass to shoot from their eye level or below.

I figured pet photography requires a lot of patience. My “kiddos” kept on jumping and running around. Lexi, the young one, was more excited and giddy. As soon as he hears the camera click, he comes up to me and tries to bite my lens!

Good thing I was patient enough, Lexi ended up relaxing and I got some opportunities to get a decent shot. I also asked my mom to be my assistant on keep him still. The photos I have below were just a few seconds to capture him in nice and alert posture.

I have yet to try different approaches, angles, and compositions. I’ll keep my camera ready. Next I want to achieve is a self-portrait with them. Good luck to me! :)


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