Getting sentimental about my first Traveling Havaianas

I’m not the best caretaker of my personal things. I could leave my celfone charger in a hotel, lose an iPod, unintentionally leave open my bag to get my BlackBerry pickpocketed. In those first moments of realization,  and I’d form beads of cold sweat and get the fastest heart rate. After a few days of regret and remorse, I’m over it already.

It was different when my slim brown Havaianas officially bid goodbye. I had a few close calls before losing her totally. At first I thought I won’t be able to get it back when I left it the flat I stayed in Singapore. Good thing I was able to ship it back. Then it broke on the last day of my South East Asia backpacking trip (before going to the airport!) but I was able to mighty-bond it back. Then it broke again a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t glue it back anymore… :(

This slippers had a lot of sentimental value. This blog is a whole testament to it. Now my first Traveling Havaianas, my traveling companion, officially says goodbye, after years of triptrotting in so many places, getting into unforgettable adventures, meeting different kinds of people.

Then about a week ago, I had the privilege to get into Havaianas Philippines’ private sale for suppliers in their warehouse office (thanks to one of my officemates who was given access). After that sentimental phase, I was able to buy 2 new flip-flops from the sale. I have to break in these yet in my next travels and adventures.

Anyhow, my slim brown Havs and I had so many great memories. I’ll surely miss you, dear. Til then, I’ll keep on traveling, taking photos, and chasing my dream to travel the world. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Getting sentimental about my first Traveling Havaianas

  1. I feel your pain…my original and best Havaianas broke a few weeks back just as I got to Jemaa el Fna, the main square in Marrakech! Of all the places to break! I had to walk around barefoot, trying not to get trampled on until I found a temporary pair of sandals to get me through the day. Since returning I’ve just tried super-glueing them so we’ll see if that last…I don’t hold much hope seeing that you already tried that! :(

    • Aaw… Well, I’m glad you were able to super-glue them back temporarily at least. Maybe it’s time to buy a new pair? ;) Take care!

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