Same place, different experience (First travel of 2014)

BORACAY. It’s the same long stretch of white sand beach. The same sun, same ocean water, same scenery. But each time I go here, there’s always something different with my experience.

On my first travel of 2014, I had my…

  • First travel with cousins (after so long). Actually, it was with 3 cousins, 1 sister, and 1 niece. :) Since they live abroad and they were here in the Philippines for vacation, it was our time to bond again after a long time. (With no chaperons! ;))


  • First travel boo-boo! We went to the airport ONE DAY AHEAD of our schedule. Face-palm/cringe-worthy moment. Lesson learned: double check or triple check flight ticket details in advance! Way advance, not just on the way to the airport.
  • Beach trip without spending much. Especially on water activities. Didn’t even buy any pasalubong. Hehe!
  • Trip with no distractions. Especially from work, calls, social media, friends, boyfriend. I did it on purpose.
  • Time of reflection. Over happy hour and sunset watching, over morning coffee and people watching or staring into white sand space. It’s my favorite thing to do!

Happy hour at Boracay

Sunset watching at Boracay

Morning coffee at the beach

  • Paddle boarding lessons. It’s best to do this at low tide (around 8am or 5pm) and when it’s not windy (lower chance of tumbling over).

Paddle boarding at Boracay

  •  New learned skill of “poi” or “light dancing” (beginner level). It’s swinging or twirling a a rope with a glow stick in variety of rhythmical patterns. This is an alternative to fire dancing if you don’t want to get burned.


  • Felt-like-a-mommy experience. I had to take the lead in taking care of my cousins’ flight and hotel bookings, even the water activities; I also had to look after my niece who had an upset stomach on our last day. In the end, it felt satisfying when my cousins told me they all had a great time.
  • Break from everything. After all that I have gone through last 2013, I just needed to strip off all the cares and worries of this world. I’m glad I had that escape.

Boracay sunset 2014

Boracay sunset 2014

Boracay sunset 2014





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